Sunday, April 5, 2015

Paper Mache Creation

Ms. Burrito made this during the summer break last year.  When she gets into her creative mode,  she would just  sit in one room and do whatever comes to mind.
She called this  a pre-historic  mountain because of the dinosaurs.
She showed this to her art teacher when the school started and  the teacher encouraged her to  enter it into the art  contest here in the area.  She didn't win but it was a great experience for her. 
She was inspired by her Tita Chris in making paper mache stuff.  I wish I was that creative when I was younger.  I am old now and still not creative lol. Shadow Shots


  1. Oh this is too cool!! You could also cut a hole up top, fit in a bottle & make a volcano! Great job :)

  2. This is really neat! She did a wonderful job! I love using paper mache! So fun!

  3. Unlike the actual dinos, these ar small and cute - way different than the real monsters when they roamed the land...very creative nd talented!

  4. A very clever creation specially for dinosaurs. Love the colour.

  5. That's interesting ! I bet she had a great time doing this !

  6. The shadows really show off the texture. Nice job she did making it. The art teacher gets a gold star for her wonderful encouragement.


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