Sunday, April 5, 2015

Fairy Tale

My kids practices piano at home. They take lessons every Friday for 30 minutes each and they practice at home for ten minutes just about everyday. Our daughter practices at home a lot but out son is still not quite there. He would practice but that's because I make him lol.  Here is  Ms. Burrito practicing Fairy Tale, this would be one of her recital song this year.  We were laughing at this video as she keep messing up lol.
Anyway, I was  browsing for some  music instruments online and came across an article on how to hang guitar on wall.  I wish I still have the guitar that hubby and I  bought when we went to our honeymoon in Cebu.  I left it at home  when I  came here hoping that I would be able to  get it when I returned but someone borrowed it from my Mom and ruined it.  


  1. Your daughter is so good on the piano! I'd love if my kids pick up an instrument. I'm hoping someday they'll want to play. I actually wish I knew how to play the guitar.

  2. That's definitely awesome :) she can play and has passion into pretty everything huh? :)

  3. She's great! I agree with Kat, I would love it if my kids were interested in instruments when they're a bit older, I think it's a great skill no matter which one they choose and your daughter is great on the piano.

  4. Even with the mistakes, your daughter is extremely talented! I almost wished that my parents would have pushed me to learn an instrument when I was young, but I never really had the ear for music.

  5. Your daughter plays beautifully! I love how even though she made a few mistakes she was able to laugh it off & keep going...awesome job :)

  6. Awesome! Glad you have time to take your children to their lessons. No worries, sooner or later your son will pick up, as what they have said, boys are different than girls. At what age your daughter start her piano lesson? She can play pretty good.

  7. We had a piano at home but I never wanted to learn to play it--plus it needed tuning up! Your daughter obviously wants to learn to play--perhaps your son would be better off with a different musical instrument?


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