Friday, February 13, 2015

Simple Sketches as Valentine Treats for Friends

My daughter did not want to give candies for Valentine's day  to her friends.  She asked them what their favorite animals or things are and tried to draw  them.  She got a blister on her  palm  last night and I hope that her classmate/friends  appreciates them. I told  her not to get upset if she see some on  put her drawing on the trash because  she can't expect everyone to like  personalized stuff.  
Anyway, here are the drawings she made for her classmates.
I hope that  her classmates appreciates her effort.   think she get that from me.  Here's to  a lovely celebration of Valentine's Day.  May you enjoy your special day with your special love ones!


  1. she is a born artist..those are amazing drawings for her friends

  2. Your daughter sure has artistic hands, keep drawing young lady, and you're own your way to be the next art sensation :)

  3. What a wonderful and heartfelt idea. I certainly hope her classmates appreciate the thought and love that went into this!


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