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      SINOVO participated in CON-EXPO Bangladesh 2019
      Column:Company news Time:2019-10-21

      26th CON-EXPO Bangladesh 2019

      Hall-2    Booth No.: C-36


      26th CON-EXPO Bangladesh 2019 is the oldest construction machinery exhibition in Bangladesh. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors will be attracted to the exhibition. The exhibition focuses on the latest products and construction technology in the industries of construction material production equipment, construction and engineering machinery, drilling and piling equipment, etc.


      From October 17th to 19th, SINOVO also participated in CON-EXPO Bangladesh 2019 to show the world its convenient and advanced mechanical products. In the exhibition with a large number of brands, SINOVO is no inferior. On the booth, core product models and various product sample books are arranged in an orderly manner, attracting visitors to stop and look at them.

      During the exhibition, there were a large number of businessmen negotiating and cooperating with SINOVO company, they are praised the product quality and quality service of our company, applauded the carefully selected product model, exchanged in-depth with our salesmen, and expressed their strong cooperation intention.


      Taking this exhibition as an opportunity, SINOVO not only promoted our products and brands to the majority of foreign businessmen, but also collected a large number of first-hand information of potential customers to understand the local market space and prospects, so as to lay a foundation for our company to better develop the international market. In the future, SINOVO will continue to forge ahead! We hope to have more opportunities to exchange and cooperate with our international counterparts and practice our corporate mission of "building the future foundation" with practical actions.