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      SINOVO exported rotary drilling rig to Southeast Asia again!
      Column:Company news Time:2019-10-14

      In early October, during the National Day festival of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, some colleagues of SINOVO group were very busy...

      They were preparing for the shipment of 230Dpro rotary drill rig to Southeast Asia. And after their hard work and good cooperation, the rig has been successfully shipped and will soon arrive in Singapore and begin to participate in the construction of foundation projects in Singapore.

      This rotary drilling rig is "reliable, efficient, low consumption, intelligent" rotary construction equipment. It is very popular because it mounted on a special chassis for rotary drilling rigs jointly developed with Doosan, adopt international first-class components, the national military standard management system to effectively ensure the reliability of rotary drilling rig. In addition, the rig effectively reduces fuel consumption by adjusting the power load curve of the Scania engine.

      The maximum drilling depth and diameter of the rotary drilling rig is up to 78 meters and 1 meter. It can drill two piles in one day, and the actual drilling time only need 5.5h-6h, some drilling rig can drill three piles in one day. Besides, the equipment can work stably for about 16 hours one day, and the fuel consumption of per unit machine is less than 350 liters per day, which can greatly save the use cost.

      The manufacturing industry is the foundation of building a country, the tool of rejuvenating the country and the foundation of a strong country. As a professional construction equipment manufacturer and machinery solutions provider, Sinovo has the confidence to continue to build excellent machinery products, dedicat to be the world foundation construction company and provides a full range of high quality and reliable contruction equipment and construction methods.

      SINOVO Group insists on the “Integrity, Professionalism, Value, Innovation” as core concept, carry on “BUILD THE FUTURE FOUNDATION” ideals and beliefs, give full display to our professional, prompt and convenient service. “Quality Above All” the quality policy, to truth-seeking spirit, the spirit of excellence, and save a lot of purchase cost for clients and keep them ahead of the market competition.