Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Carol at Geriatric Center

Torrance Music had a Christmas carol at the Geriatric Center here in Weirton.  This is the place where old and sick people are being taken care of.  It was a really nice event to be able to  spread cheer to  these  old folks who most often don't have anybody or don't have any family anymore.  
Last year was held at Serra Manor, the adjacent building where senior assisted living was.  That was a really nice one as well.
Our daughter  played a classic song.  We arrived there  early so she got to practice her piece before everybody arrived.
Below is the video of the last part of the performances.  My daughter performed last and she was disappointed she messed it up.  When she practiced, she was  flawless.  I think it's the nerves.  

I hope that they would continue doing this because it really makes a big impact to those people who needs a little cheer during this time of the year. Some of the old people were singing to what the kids are playing so it was really nice.  

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