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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shopkins - My Son's Newly Found Favorite Subject to Draw

For a while there, my son doesn't want to try anything because he was afraid that he won't be as good as his sister is.  We keep telling him that he should  try things and not be afraid because he won't know if he will be good at one thing or not.  I am so  glad that we never gave up on encouraging him to  do things.  Now he is doing good in playing piano and  also trying his artistic skills.  
 He recently  gt interested in drawing the Shopkin characters which I find really cute.
 I think that he has  a talent  too  in doodling stuff.  He just don't believe in himself good enough.
 I mean for things like these, I am very happy that  both of my kids aren't like me who doesn't have any skill at all in arts lol.  Glad they got their Dad's genes.
 He drew a bunch of these and said that he would give it to his classmates.
 Hubby and I  told him to keep exploring his talent.  He also wants to  try  martial arts which my husband and I are considering.
He said that he wants to become a surgeon when he grew up.  He also dream of becoming an performer.  It's awesome to hear your children  tell you  their dreams.
  These are the best ones that he drew that I really like, I think he did a great job!
 I hope that we could continue to guide  our kids to reach their  dreams.
For now, I am happy that he is  excelling in academics and also trying to come out of his shell a bit more.  


  1. Good job for not giving up on him! Look at all those adorable drawings! I hope he keeps this up!

  2. wow, it a matter of continuously encouraging him to just go on :)

  3. You have a great artist right there just nourish him and continue to support him like you always do, in no time you will have your own art gallery at home. :)

  4. Very nice, both your kids are indeed an artist.

  5. His drawings are adorable and I see an artist in the making. Just keep on encouraging him and hell do more than this.

  6. What great drawings he did. It's terrific that the show inspires such creativity in him.

  7. I think he is doing a great job with his drawings. Encouraging children is so important and you are doing a great job at thta!

  8. He's very talented! Even my teenager loves Shopkins. I keep finding them in my Amazon cart. Maybe that's a hint.

  9. honestly, I'm glad my kids haven't gotten into Shopkins, LOL. I hear its a death trap and I'll always be buying those cute little toys.

  10. I agree that it's always nice to hear your children talk about their dreams. These characters are neat! He did a great job on them.

  11. The drawings are great. My son likes to draw and he wants to be in martial arts too. A common theme between the two loves? :)

  12. Such a great job with his drawings! I love when kids have something they're passionate about.

  13. oh my gosh these are so adorable! He did such a great job!

  14. What a great little artist you have! These are too cute!

  15. I love the' Shopkin drawings. My favorite one is the diamond ring – I would love to have something like that hanging on my wall.


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