Monday, August 31, 2015

Cool Art Displays

There are two  yogurt business  here in our area but now, only one is opened and the other one has closed for good.  I find these  art pieces display at one of the existing yogurt place very cool.  It certainly contrast the mustard color of the  wall paint.
I wouldn't mind having this in my living room.
Here's my daughter doodling something at their   blackboard.  I think that every businesses should put up a board like this to give kids  an outlet to express their artistic side.  It gives kids something to do instead of just running around the buisness premises.  
She always use this drawing when she wants to sign something.
I even like  the FP shelves  they put in the  front area of the business which stands for Fuzzy Peach.  Aside from yugort, they sell  colorful shirts and other things.  
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