Thursday, July 16, 2015

Birthday Drawings

 I have been mentioning how  I miss our bunny, Wubzy so in my birthday, Eykiw drew me this picture.  Thanks a lot Bean, you are so sweet and thoughtful, love you!
My son'sdrawing for my birthday is  simple but it is straight from the heart, I just love it.  It's always great when your kids find time to  make you something special on  different occasions.  Thanks a lot EJ, I love you too Anak!
They also  made something for their Tita Chris and mailed it for her birthday.  
 Rye Bean drew this dog and  EJ drew some type of a plant hehehe.
 I know they are not the fanciest drawings but I always appreciate the effort and thoughts  that they  exert just to show how they feel for us.
I also love the fact that even though they are on school break, they keep themselves busy doing other stuff  other than just playing games.  Love these kiddos, they  are the best things that happened to me, them and my husband.  I thank God for everything everyday!

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