Friday, December 12, 2014

Charlotte's Web

While we were  driving on our way to Kennywood Park  last June, our daughter was busy doing something at the back while our son was busy talking.  
She brought with her the sketch pad  because she knew that  the drive going to the park is long.  We did not know what she was  trying to draw until we got to our destination.  
She tried to draw the cover of the  movie, the Charlotte's Web.  I like it when she  is  being productive even on the road.


  1. She did a great job! That is a great way to make a long road trip seem not so long. Props to her!!

  2. What a fab job she did. My youngest started out just like that. Hope she keeps it up.

  3. Wow! She did a really good job! I love Charlotte's Web! One of my favorite movies as a child.

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