Thursday, October 16, 2014

Charcoal Painting

A good friend of mine did this charcoal painting of my husband and I. It's always amazing to me how people can be so talented in sketching or drawing people's images. Her husband made two shades of the photo and here it is.  I kind of like the last one the most.
Thanks sis Mai and Edwin!
 I would like to have this printed  because both  of our children has this type of photo and  I would like for  hubby and I to have one as well to hang it in our family wall of portraits.  Here's the original photo, what do you think?
I wish  everyone a great   day!


  1. What a great picture, she done an amazing job!!!

  2. wow!!! your friend indeed have great talent as charcoal painting is quite a bit hard...

  3. Your friend is a good artist. Very good charcoal painting.

  4. Wow! That is so spot on! Your friend is extremely talented. :-)

  5. thanks for the post sis. hubby will be happy to see this. :)

  6. Nice! Your friend is very talented.

  7. I love those charcoal paintings, and I must say, sis, you chose a lovely picture to send your friend! You and your husband look really happy in that photo!

  8. Go for it sis, it looks good actually. I never done charcoal editing. I should try one if I have more time to sit down and patience to edit.


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