Monday, May 23, 2016

Jack in a Juke Box and Happy Song

Yesterday, May 22nd was this year's Torrence Music Recital. Our son was a bit nervous, he kept saying that he might mess up. He kind of wish he practiced more lol.  They have a rehearsal on Saturday morning and they both messed up some so their teacher talked to them and told them to just relax and enjoy the music and not to worry about it. 
Rylie played  Jack in the Juke Box, it  was one of the songs that she played during her audition at  West Liberty University which she was rated Superior.  EJ played the  Happy Song and despite his  fear, he played perfectly.  They both did so well and  not mess up one bit.  We know that they can do it, they are pressure players.  
Torrance Music has now guitar lessons so we might enrol EJ to that since he is interested in learning how to play a guitar.  We will see.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Those Bullies Butter Stop

When our daughter submitted her entry to the Ant-Bullying poster contest, she didn't think she would win because she said that all her classmates have really good ideas.  So she  was  pleasantly surprised that she won.  
 There were  other four entries from her class that were chosen as runners up.   Their entries were below:
 For her entry, she  combined her passion for arts and baking into  one idea and it turned out well.  I told her that maybe, some of the judges have sweet tooth  so they chose your entry lol.
She's very happy she won as she get  the $100 price.  She has been saving her money because she wants to decorate her own room and she said that she will buy  the things that she need with her own money.  

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Whenever we watch a parade, I am always fascinated with the  people who  play the music  instrument that  is seldom played in a regular setting.  I remember last year, one of the  young adult who was playing in the band is disabled but he was playing a saxophone which is very impressive.  Looking at the bassoon reminds me of that scenario.  Not many musician  choose to play instuments like that.  

Monday, April 11, 2016

Young Musicians Auditions at West Liberty UNiversity

Our daughter tried the Young Musicians  Auditions in West Liberty University. this year.  It was  held last April 8th.  It is an annual  audition conducted by WLU  to test  young musicians of their  piano playing ability.  This was our daughter's first time so she was  a bit a nervous.  Luckily, her friend  was there  so she  calmed her nerves  down.  Her friend  have done this in the past so   she gave her some pointers.  
We have never been to West Liberty University so we did not have an idea  where it's at lol.  We punched the address to the GPS but for some odd reason,  there was a street that  the GPS wanted us to turn but it wasn't there so we had to turn around and find our way.  Talking  about our  poor navigation skills lol.  Gladly, we left earlier because we always anticipate for stuff like this to happen. 
We were very surprised where the school is located.  It is in the middle of nowhere!  It was way in the sticks, lol.
The university was big and we couldn't believe that it was located far  from the city.  I think if you would have to commute going to this school, it would be hard  especially during the winter.  I got dizzy  because of the turns and narrow roads.  
Anyway, after we registered, there were rooms for practicing so Rylie and her friends practice while waiting for their numbers to be called.  The ratings to be given includes (Superior, Excellent, and Very Good).  We were making jokes about it because our daughter was saying "I hope I don't do very good as it is the lowest score you can get" .  In my opinion, I think they should change the  ratings because no mater what you do, even you messed up  so bad, you still get a very good rating .
The rating is to be based on actual performance and the quality thereof.  The entire composition  is to be performed  from memory.   The points of judgment for  piano solos are tone, rhythm, technique, phrasing, attack and release, interpretation, memorization, stage presence and pedaling.  
For the required composition, she played the Bach: Prelude in C Minor BWV 999.  The comment made by the judge was "Good job!  All the right notes, rests, dynamics, and at a nice quick pace!"  For the choice composition, she played the Summer's Nocturne by Rollin.  The judge's commented "Real promising pianist!" and he took note of the repeat that she made.  She had to start  over when she missed one key.  
Anyhow, her friend got an Excellent rating and I feel bad because she cried.  She played before Rylie so that made  our daughter really nervous.  She had to repeat a line because he missed one key so we were so surprised that she still got s Superior rating after the evaluation.  
Since, she got the top rating, she was invited to a recital next month.  Below is the video of her songs.

She  wants to  try it again next year.  Her goal is to be able to  control her nerves and not to crack to the pressure.  In a way, this is a great learning experience for her to be able to conquer  stage fright.  She is a brave little girl.  I don't have the courage to  do what she does lol.  So great job Ryestein!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Guitar Maintenance

I bought this old guitar at a garage sale for $7.  It needs new strings  so I will have to buy  some when we go to the  music store in the area.  The former owner of this told us that he used it when he was a little younger but  got tired of it and just  leave it in the storage.  A  guitar maintenance is absolutely needed  in order to   have a good working condition on the instrument.  As you can tell in the photo, the guitar really need  a lot of TLC for it to work.  

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Planet Venus Model

Our daughter did a study report about the planet Venus.  We bought her  a styro ball and  some  play dough to finish the look of  her planet.  She did the marble design using the  clay dough.  I never  thought of  using the clay dough for it but it worked really good.  
This is  the type of projects that she enjoys doig.  Anything science and things that involve arts and crafts, she's on it.
I will update this  later. 
Shadow Shots

Friday, March 18, 2016

Listening to Like I'm Gonna Lose You

When I am  feeling stressed, music is  my way of calming myself.  One of my favorite  songs of Meghan Trainor  is the Like I'm Gonna Lose You with John Legend.  I thought they did a great job with this song.

I am having a bit of anxiety thinking about moving.  I know that it is for the best but I  shake off the feeling of  leaving my very first home.  I came to  love this home and I maintained it the way I wanted, it makes me sad to leave this home.  I can't even remember how the kitchen on that other house looks like.  I know that it was a smaller kitchen compared to this  current one that we have but I am hoping that it has slides for pantry or else we wil have to buy.  My husband is already thnking of replacing the cabinets since it is old but it is going tobe  a long time  before we can do that.  I should be excited but here  I am  anxious about it, oh boy! 

 You can see from the background of the photo above the house that will become our future home.

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