Friday, April 7, 2017

Young Musicians Audition at West Liberty University 2017

The Thursday Music Club of Wheeling, hosted the annual Young Musician Audition at West Liberty University.  It was held last March 31st.  This was our daughter's second year of participating.  
Her schedule to play was 8:34 pm, I thought that was late but it was okay.  We went earlier anyway and the ladies at the registration were very thankful that we came early.  They said that they have been there   all day and  were already exhausted.  
This is what she wore on her audition.    The navy blue dress  was a gift I gave her for Christmas and she bought  this  leather jacket with her won money that  she earned for dog sitting.
We didn't buy anything from but if you want to look at a great selection of accessories for your music needs, they have a huge selection.
She did  some last minute practice before we left.
The required composition that she played was the Sonatina Op. No. 3 by Clementi.  It's a long piece and she did really well.  The comment she got from the judge was "Bright, Sunny,  clean, clear sound, perfect for this  classical style.  Excellent temper control and balance; I admire your focus and concentration.  Very good technical execution and preparation".
Her second piece, the second choice composition was  the Seafoam by Helen Boykin.  The judge  comments was "Beautiful tone quality and atmosphere.  Regarding balance, the running six tenths are fine but the left hand melody just needs to sing out more.   Generally good, even sixtenth; Good feeling for the condenza in the middle"
This years judge was Dr. Gerald Lee, he was a Chinese American.  He gave her a superior rating.  The highest is Superior with honors.
Last year, not many participants   received a superior  rating so the Annual TMC Young Musician's Audition Honor Recital was cancelled.  This year, it will be pushed through because more participants received the  superior ratings my daughter included.  The event will be held on April 23rd at Vance Presbyterian Church Sanctuary.
Here's the video I recorded of her performance.  Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Joey and Rory Feek: This Life I Live

The very first song I have heard about  this  lovely couple was the  "Jesus Loves Me" which truly  left an imprint  to me.  I didn't know that they have so many songs and that they  had their own  show called The Joey and Rory Show.  Later last week, I was browsing on youtube about songs about  losing someone as I was missing someone and I was feeling  emotional.  I  found their  music video of "When I am Gone" then I went on and read some comments and learned that  Joey passed away.  It made me cry and I don't even know them but  it made me very sad because they just had their first  baby together and it is sad to think that their daughter Indiana will grow up without her.  The great thing about it is that Indi can watch all these videos and know her Mom through their music.    I am glad to find this  compilation of their song.  I also signed up to Rory's blog, This Life I Live.  Their story  really captivated me, if you  get a chance to watch the video below, you too will fall inlove with them.  

Saturday, March 25, 2017

When I'm Gone

During my father-in-law's wake, there are songs being played that makes me really weep. I still remember those songs when my kids were still babies and my FIL would sing those beautiful songs to them on the swing and my kids would fall asleep in his arms. It's hard to think that he is gone now but I am glad that we have so many great memories to look back to. I was browsing through music videos on Youtube and found this one that really touched me and made me think of my FIL, my own father, and my brother. Sometimes, when I think of them, I can't help but wish that they are still here. This song "When I'm Gone" by Joey and Rory is a perfect song in this moment, check it out!
When Joey and Rory recorded this song, they have no idea what's in store for them. Few years later, she died of cancer and this video just made me cry hard because I just started loving this duo's music and to learn that she passed is very sad. I also love this song that their family's friend have written and sung for the Feek family.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Music and Arts Supplies for 2017

I saw my daughter's wish list for Christmas  so that's what we got for her.  I am glad that "Santa " is no longer a secret  now, they can tell exactly what they want for gifts.  Along with other gifts, Rye Bean has a new set of  colored pencil.  She go through this  very fast so we got her a new set.
She also wanted  a Doodle  Chaos coloring book.  She have so much fun coloring very little character in this book.  One page takes a long time to finish that's why she loves it because it keeps her  mind  occupied.  
She  is very inspired by the creator of this  doodle chaos, he is a young Filipino.  She wishes she could create something like this.
She love to read so I got her some new books .  This is a series so  it would take time before she could finish it.
She love to read  before she sleeps so I thought this Kandle flex  was a great accessory for the books sh e has,  This way, she can read her books in bed without the  bright light in the room.
According to her, the best gift that she received is the violin.  She has been planning to take  a violin lesson so we got her one.  Unlike trx cymbals, the violin and piano will not give me a migraine as the sound very soothing.  We are still looking for a  violin teacher in the area so  she could start taking lessons.  Meanwhile, I told her to  watch some YouTube videos maybe she can pick something to start  with.  

Friday, January 27, 2017

Music Recital

One of the many things I look forward to during Summer is the music recital. Torrance Music only has one recital every year so we always look forward to it. Whenever  my daughter need  something for her music, I always check  first because they usualy have what I am looking for.  They provide a lot of music  accessories and instruments at their website so it is kind of my go-to shopping  store online.  I am not sure what  song  my daughter is playing  for the recital this year but I can't wwait.  Below is the video of her recital performance last year.    

Friday, December 30, 2016

Little Snowmen Village and Other Craft Projects

Every year after Christmas, I always  look for something that I can turn into something different for the next Christmas.  I have these small snowman ornaments and thought of combining them all together in one little village.  The  gift box with snowmen theme was perfect to put all of them together.  So  here it is.   
Aft first I only put 8 characters in there  but I found some more in my little tree so I just added them all together.  
 I have this  card holder and thought that it would be perfect to incorporate it in the snowmen village with this  great message.  I forgot where I got these  but they sure are perfect to my project.  
 I put this refrigerator magnet  on top.  The message "If you have faith, nothing will be impossible to you" resonates with me.
 Most of these snowmen ornament were given to me as gifts  and they are   pretty small for our big Christmas tree.  
 These four snowmen are the original ones.  My sister-in-law gave them to us during my first Christmas here in the States.
 I know that this is suppose to be just  snowmen but I have these small people and the nativity scene SO I incorporated them as well.
 The other  projects that I worked on are these wreaths.  I bought the  plain wreath  on sale, they were 50% off so I thought it would be nice to make some more wreath to hang in our windows next year.
 I also made these small ones.  I used the  pine cones and  old  Christmas balls to decorate it.

Glad my  daughter have a hot glue gun, it helped a lot in my projects.  I haven't   removed my Christmas decors yet but I have additional to   for next year.  I always wait till the new year before I removed all the decorations.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Car Parts made into Arts

Last September, we went to the  state park near our area and  along the way, I saw this house with very interesting arts pieces outside  their  front yard.  I  asked my husband to pull over  so I can take  some photos.  
 From what I see, these   beautiful art pieces  seems to be made  from  car parts like tires and the metal  parts.  
 Whoever made these art pieces is really artistic.  This should be preserve in  a museum  or something because they are beautifully made.  
 I was a little  scared  when I took the photos because  the owner might come out and chew me out lol.  But glad I did because  these  are really pretty in my opinion.  What a creative way to  use  car parts.  
My favorite of all is the horse, the size is like that of a real horse.  What do you think?  Pretty cool and creative  huh?

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Young Musicians Audition at West Liberty University 2017

The Thursday Music Club of Wheeling, hosted the annual Young Musician Audition at West Liberty University.  It was held last March 31st.  T...

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