Monday, January 9, 2017

Music and Arts Supplies for 2017

I saw my daughter's wish list for Christmas  so that's what we got for her.  I am glad that "Santa " is no longer a secret  now, they can tell exactly what they want for gifts.  Along with other gifts, Rye Bean has a new set of  colored pencil.  She go through this  very fast so we got her a new set.
She also wanted  a Doodle  Chaos coloring book.  She have so much fun coloring very little character in this book.  One page takes a long time to finish that's why she loves it because it keeps her  mind  occupied.  
She  is very inspired by the creator of this  doodle chaos, he is a young Filipino.  She wishes she could create something like this.
She love to read so I got her some new books .  This is a series so  it would take time before she could finish it.
She love to read  before she sleeps so I thought this Kandle flex  was a great accessory for the books sh e has,  This way, she can read her books in bed without the  bright light in the room.
According to her, the best gift that she received is the violin.  She has been planning to take  a violin lesson so we got her one.  Unlike trx cymbals, the violin and piano will not give me a migraine as the sound very soothing.  We are still looking for a  violin teacher in the area so  she could start taking lessons.  Meanwhile, I told her to  watch some YouTube videos maybe she can pick something to start  with.  

Friday, December 30, 2016

Little Snowmen Village and Other Craft Projects

Every year after Christmas, I always  look for something that I can turn into something different for the next Christmas.  I have these small snowman ornaments and thought of combining them all together in one little village.  The  gift box with snowmen theme was perfect to put all of them together.  So  here it is.   
Aft first I only put 8 characters in there  but I found some more in my little tree so I just added them all together.  
 I have this  card holder and thought that it would be perfect to incorporate it in the snowmen village with this  great message.  I forgot where I got these  but they sure are perfect to my project.  
 I put this refrigerator magnet  on top.  The message "If you have faith, nothing will be impossible to you" resonates with me.
 Most of these snowmen ornament were given to me as gifts  and they are   pretty small for our big Christmas tree.  
 These four snowmen are the original ones.  My sister-in-law gave them to us during my first Christmas here in the States.
 I know that this is suppose to be just  snowmen but I have these small people and the nativity scene SO I incorporated them as well.
 The other  projects that I worked on are these wreaths.  I bought the  plain wreath  on sale, they were 50% off so I thought it would be nice to make some more wreath to hang in our windows next year.
 I also made these small ones.  I used the  pine cones and  old  Christmas balls to decorate it.

Glad my  daughter have a hot glue gun, it helped a lot in my projects.  I haven't   removed my Christmas decors yet but I have additional to   for next year.  I always wait till the new year before I removed all the decorations.  

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Car Parts made into Arts

Last September, we went to the  state park near our area and  along the way, I saw this house with very interesting arts pieces outside  their  front yard.  I  asked my husband to pull over  so I can take  some photos.  
 From what I see, these   beautiful art pieces  seems to be made  from  car parts like tires and the metal  parts.  
 Whoever made these art pieces is really artistic.  This should be preserve in  a museum  or something because they are beautifully made.  
 I was a little  scared  when I took the photos because  the owner might come out and chew me out lol.  But glad I did because  these  are really pretty in my opinion.  What a creative way to  use  car parts.  
My favorite of all is the horse, the size is like that of a real horse.  What do you think?  Pretty cool and creative  huh?

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Carol at Serra Manor

Torrence Music decided to do a little show for the old folks at  Serra Manor this year.  Some of the students played at a different  facility.  Our daughter  played with other at Serra Manor.  We were glad she was scheduled there because we were able to  see the former of our home.  We didn't know that he is staying there so we were surprised to see him.  We talked to him  while we were waiting for the show to start.  
Some of the kids  were sick so they weren't able to come.
I thought it was nice of Torrence Music to  do this kind of event for the old folks.  
Looking at their happy faces  makes me  happy.
Whenever I go to old folks' home, I feel sad.  It makes me think of the time ahead when hubby and I gets old.  I hope that God would take us when we can no longer care for ourselves.  I don't really want to be a burden to somebody.  If I can live at the age where I enjoy my life with my husband and kids, I am content to go when it's time.  

Here is "The First Noel" that she played. Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Father's Love

I was listening to this song "A Father's Love" and it reminds me of my Father. He's been gone  for 13 years now but I still wish that he is still with us so he can see and play with my children. He never got the chance to meet them.  When my son was born, he look similar to my Dad, I knew then that he was with me when I delivered my baby.  Even my husband said that  EJ looked like my Dad.  He even  acts like my Dad now that he is growing up.  I really wish that Papa is still around, he would have love to listen to the kids when they play piano.  He was a big fan of his Dad for  his music talents but Papa never really learned how to play  any instrument.  Our son wants to learn how to play guitar, this king bolt electric guitar would be a nice one for him.  The price is a dollar off to a thousand, yikes, I can't afford it lol.  I will have to find me a cheaper version of this for him.  I am trying to find one that would be  good as a starter for a  beginner.  I hope I can find it before Christmas. Anyway, here is the video of the song I mentioned above.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Donna Taggart - Jealous Of The Angels

I didn't know about Donna Taggart  until I have listened to the song  called Jealous of the Angels on youtube.  This song really make me miss my father who passed away  13 years ago.  I never got to say goodbye to him as he passed so suddenly.  O love  this song and her voice is so angelic that it really touches my emotions.  It would be nice to learn how to play this in an instrument and have  fabfilter do it's magic to have it sound so perfectly.  I have seen some  artists did a version of this song too but I though Donna Taggart did  a  great job, her voice is so honest and sincere.  

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our Music Corner

 We put our  traditional piano at the corner of our living room.  It was sitting there very plain against the white wall so I thought of  decorating around it a little bit.  We had old records that we will never get to play since we don't have a machine so I thought it would be  awesome to use it.
I bought the iron music notes hanging on the left side at Hobby Lobby prior to us moving so I can use it to decorate the music room.  The butterfly wall decal  with notes  is from an auction site I belong to, I got it by  bidding on an auction there then I paid shipping.  
 This lamp used to be at my husband's study desk but we  are using it now on top of the piano.  I also incorporated the small  decal in there  to match the one on the wall.
 I have these  empty candle jars and thought  I can use it to make something for the music corner.  I  filled it up with marbles and  put my children's recital photos in it.
 The music teacher at my children's school  gave this music box to my daughter when she had her recital at Duquesne University.  It has been sitting in the storage ever since but I thought of incorporating it in the music room so I put it on top of the piano.
 I found some really cool quotes online and printed them and then   put them on the records.
 The  pop of black against the white wall  gave this corner  a little contrast.
This would be a wishful thinking but if I have one of those Ibanez dino cazares signature  electric guitar, I would definitely incorporate it there to complete the look.  
We have another big music instrument but it is  in our master bedroom.  Our daughter plays for us once in a while before bedtime.

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